Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Ca$h Rayn live @ Kudamm Berlin april 23rd 2010

april 23rd.

during the turkish "day of the children", many stages have been set up all over west-berlin.
just in front of the memorial church @ Kudamm, Ca$h Rayn did a nice live show for the kidz.
like usual the audio engeneer was whack, but the weather was friendly & turkish-german cummunity had a good time together.
later on, Ca$h Rayn hit the 2nd stage for this day @ brandenburger-Tor to show support for some affiliated local mc´s.

Dienstag, 6. April 2010

gig at Shangl Hangl wid DL44 Crew & Troubled Soul

august 6th. 2009. Organized and hostet by Sei.
the Flyer

Ca$h Rayn live

Erodiar live

HyPerAktiv live

Green Man live

Ca$h Rayn & HPA live

OneUp BlackShepherDog live & Troubled Soul

Rasta Fandah (Akustische Optik aka DJ Sir Beee & Cram) live

Erodiar & Momo live

a nice basement gig it was!
we had a good time with tha crew.
fotos by Teak aka A-T-1BEATS .

in the WORKZ for 2010

this is planed to be released in the 2010:
Erodiar - EP
berlin x-berg local mc Erodiar will drop his solo EP on the DL44.
check him here Diar .

Ca$h Rayn - Finally Here I Am
the long awaited full lenght debut albume of Il supremo. remeber the Pandemonium Clikk from back in the mid 90´s ? Ca$h Rayn was one of them. better than ever! visit Ca$h Rayn .

HyPerAktiv & Mr. Jös - 7 inch wax
heavyweight berlin local producer Mr. Jös aka g4som4t teamed up with HPA once again.
this a bass experiment. once enough toilettseats were melted,
a 100+ pressing on 7 inch wax will run. a 2010 ltd wax release! visit Mr. Jös . visit HPA .

HyPerAktiv - Cpt. Freshy Fresh
strictly oldschool shit. samplefree as usual, dR.HitzZ has fokuzed on sounds used by the time this album links to. few robo voices here, straight pumpin HPA flows there, nice!
vocal features by Green Man, M.C. Confuz, Ca$h Rayn & Mr.Makk.
besides Intro & Outro, HPA - Cpt. Freshy Fresh album will feature 8 vocal trax + 8 versions.
18 trax total. to be released on Cdr in the 2010. visit HPA .

Green Man - 7 Inch wax
Green Man has a powerfull output of good music. slow the ear, be prepared for basses and poetry! dark soundz up in the mix.
he already made a name for himself in the Detroid & New York Jazz scene. Green Man is Sadiq´s aka & outlet for experimental music. check the Green Man .

GRAFF / Artwork by dl44 crew member Elmyr one

Elmyr one Scetches & Paintings:

tru bombas! conntact Elmyr one for Artwork & Designz : elmyrone@gmx.de .
check more of his work here Elmyr .
Elmyr made the Artwork for our Psycufski Synfonies Vinyl Sticker & Cover.

nice Party at Sadiq´s B-Day wid Team Ghowzt

yeah! march 25th. 2010 was tha shit.

Sadiq celebrated @ a supreme equiped location named Klangwelt, Kopernikus / Libauer St. in Berlin F-Hain.
Green Man on the Mac & dR. HitzZ with turntables and pc.
Erodiar performed two trax of the upcoming Erodiar - Ep. soon out on the DL44REC.
The whole session was like a jam. there was amazing performance by Zam Johnson on the drumz & Detroid Gary Wyggins on the saxophone. tha Bomb!
genius vibez all night, givin thanx to Green Man, all the nice People & my Crew!!

new Releases on the Dreckzloch 44 Recordz

Ca$h Rayn - Underestimated EP
fresh new trax from il Supreme. out now.
  1. Tha Beginnin *
  2. Y´all Don´t Know feat. Omima
  3. Poor Man
  4. Nuttn To Loose *
  5. Far Too Long feat. Pinar Dee
  6. Fake Friends
  7. Sick Of Beein a xxx Gee
  8. Japaneese Fade Out
all trax except * mastered & produced by Ca$h Rayn. * produced by dR.HitzZ & Ca$h Rayn.
for more infos go to dl44rec .

HyPerAktiv - Tentakelz of RielnizZ (DL44REC-0014)
14 new Trax full lenght 44 minutes Albume.
  1. IntroduzZing (prod.dR.HitzZ)
  2. Megaslug feat. GEBO (prod.Blood & Wires)
  3. Cumbia Aztec (prod. Spectre,The Ill Saint)
  4. Mal A La Ttre (prod. Nakral)
  5. Bionic B-Boys Leben feat. Thought Cannon (prod. Mentol Nomad)
  6. N3gativ3 3nvironm3nt feat. M.C. Confuz (prod. Confuz Instrumentals)
  7. In The Midst feat. Green Man (prod. Green Man)
  8. LoFi KillZ rmx VS.2 (prod. dR.HitzZ)
  9. HyperKane feat. Ca$hRayn (prod. dR.HitzZ & Ca$hRayn)
  10. Koma Surfa (prod. dR.HitzZ)
  11. Der Einstampfah (prod. dR.HitzZ)
  12. Poet Des Dreckz (prod. dR.HitzZ)
  13. Nympho DUB (prod. dR.HitzZ)
  14. Outro (prod. dR.HitzZ)
get the Carbon Cdr at Beatillz or WeNod .
Vinyl soon!